Computer Tips

USGS Topographic Maps

Web-based Interface/WMTS

The easiest way to view topographic maps in the browser is using CalTopo or ArcGIS USA Topo Maps

USGS topographic maps in WMTS format:

Individual USGS maps

TopoView provides USGS maps in GeoTIFF, KMZ (Google Earth), JPEG, and GeoPDF formats. This site might not include the latest maps but is the easiest site to access individual topographic maps.

Current/Updated USGS Topographic Maps
The current and latest USGS topographic maps in GeoPDF format is available at The National Map site:

  1. Put a check mark for U.S. Topo.
  2. Search for a place/area.
  3. Click on Find Products.
  4. Select one of the maps to download by clicking the Download link.


USGS topographic maps in GeoTIFF formats.