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Add markers, lines, polygons. Import/export in KML, GPX, GeoPDF, and GeoJSON formats. Measure distance/area, find the elevation of a location, calculate bearing, and display and search UTM/USNG coordinates.

GPS Visualizer Draw
Add markers, lines, polygons, import/export KML, GPX files, and measure distance/area. Right-click on a place on the map to display coordinates and the elevation.

ArcGIS Map Viewer
Different types of base maps are available. Search for physical features such as underwater canyons and seamounts.

Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection
A collection of country and regional maps.

National Geographic MapMaker Interactive
Add layers, for examples, climate zones, time zones, plate tectonics.

ArcGIS Map Viewer Charted Territory Map
Map showing the outline (borders) of the countries/territory

Country Maps (Britannica)

Country Maps (Infoplease)

Display the names in English in OpenStreetMap. Especially useful for non-Latin text.

Free Map Tools
Features include finding the elevation on the map, measure distance/area, and a time zone converter.

OpenStreetMap Compass
Determine compass bearing on the map, including magnetic declination.

U.S. Census Data
Census data in Shapefile and KML formats.

Create/edit places and routes using OpenStreetMap data. Add layers and import/export in GPX, KML GeoJSON formats.

Overpass Turbo
Filter and extract data from OpenStreetMap. The Wizard feature allows you to easily filter data by using keywords, for example, museum or restaurant.

ArcGIS Overlay Maps
View several different types of maps (National Geographic world map, physical map, USA Topo Maps) in WMTS and Google Earth (click the ArcGIS Earth link) formats.

David Rumsey Map Collection
A collection of historical maps. View selected maps using Google Earth.

National Park Service Maps
National Park maps.

Natural Earth
Public domain maps in shapefile format.
Create and edit maps in the GeoJSON format without knowledge of coding needed. Maps can also be saved in KML and shapefile formats. Import GPX, KML, and shapefile maps.

Apps (Android)*

* While all of these apps work on the Android platform, some of these apps might be available in other platforms such as the iPhone/iPad.

Google Maps
This app should already be installed on an Android device. Download area for offline use.

Online/offline maps using OpenStreetMap. Add places as favorites, track GPS routes, measure distance, and display info on the map (such as altitude, speed, GPS status).

Online/offline maps using OpenStreetMap, view maps in GeoPDF, shapefile, and WMS/WMTS formats. Record, export and import GPX/KML files. Feature includes access to offline maps at OpenAndroMaps

Guru Maps
Online/offline maps using OpenStreetMap. Download countries/regions for offline use in vector format. Export/import KML/GPX files. Crosshair cursor displays coordinates on the map.

Locus Map
View several different types of maps, including OpenStreetMap, and record, export, and import GPX/KML files. Crosshair cursor displays coordinates on the map and displays GPS status. Feature includes access to offline maps at OpenAndroMaps

The app has most of the features as the website, CalTopo, such as measuring distance and bearing. Crosshair cursor displays coordinates and elevation on the map.

Download offline maps, directions, add places as favorites, and view KML/KMZ files.

Flyover Country
Offline mapping app that includes geological and physical features.

GPS Test
GPS settings/status. Displays a map of satellites, speed, altitude, latitudes/longitudes, and the location of the Sun.

Displays the status of navigation satellites in a list and on a map. Add your actual location on a map that will determine the accuracy of the GPS.

Compass & Map
Displays the compass on the map that can be rotated to show heading/bearing.

OpenStreetMap editor that includes recording GPX files.

UTM Geo Map
This app is useful for viewing coordinates on the map. Just move around the map and the indicator icon will display the coordinates in latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates. Other features include measuring distance/area, a compass on the map, and export places in KML, GPX, and, CSV formats.

Maps Ruler
Measure distance and area.

Get Geo-Coordinates
Quickly find the current latitude and longitude. This app also can determine the location using the network provider or Wi-Fi instead of using the GPS coordinates, which can be faster (maybe not as accurate) but can be useful indoors with access to Wi-Fi or a cell phone connection.

Search for survey markers from the National Geodetic Survey.


The World Factbook
Provides country/regional information as well as maps.

Geography (ThoughtCo)
Geography reference site.

Earth Point
Convert coordinates in different formats such as UTM and MGRS.

BBC Country Profiles

Search geographical names.

GEOnet Names Server
U.S. government database of foreign names.

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Search U.S. geographical names from the U.S. Geological Survey.